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World Destroyers' Pleasure Club

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"World Destroyers’ Pleasure Club is a musickal order formed during the great
plague of the 20’s in Los Angeles in thanks to a constellation of fortuitous
alignments. In the midst of the isolation that connected all people across the globe, in that unsettling quiet, a vision was obtained of community, ecstasy and revelry. The vision took on a life of its own as the band found each other and continues to propel the unit forward in their journey toward its realization.
When asked to describe their strange, mutant music some fans and even members have found it difficult to do so. For this reason they have chosen the term Polywave as their designated genre which they envision as including other forms of expression besides music, a tendency to be hyper-eclectic and bearing the distinguishing mark of a commitment to continual, intentional self-transformation.
WDPC has performed at venues such as Permanent Records Roadhouse, Zebulon, Lodge Room and more, both headlining and supporting artists such as The Intelligence, The Black Lips and The Nude Party. Nicknamed The Mysterious Party Band, they’ve been told they sound like a “
Gospel Devo” by DJ Al Lover (Fuzz Club Records), and drawn comparisons to Talking Heads, The Fall, Butthole Surfers and Peter Gabriel. As influences they cite artists as varied as Hailu Mergia, Psychic TV, Scott Walker, Fela Kuti and Red Crayola but these influences don’t necessarily reveal themselves sonically as much as resembling the spirit in which they were conceived. Artist Neight Trion, the principal songwriter, spends as much time on the lyrics as composing the music, aiming for both to be strong enough to stand on their own.
Membership includes a revolving and evolving collection of instrumentalists and collaborative mimetic entities but the core members are Neight Trion, singer/keyboards (
The Black Angels, The Shine Brothers), Rocky, bass guitar (Death Valley Girls), Jay Eraser, guitar (Grooms, Roya), Oh-Ra, drums (?) and Malware, synth (Dead Meadow). Hailing from all across the US and Europe their operations are based in the Los Angeles area. Armed with their eponymous debut released by Blow Your Mind Records based in Santiago, Chile, they’ll be coming to a town near you and preparing the way for the coming Polywave. This is only the beginning, the first stages of metamorphosis. They invite you to join them in their pursuit of the communal ecstatic experience.


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