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The Ganjas

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New Studio Album after long 8 years! Produced byJack Endino in Chile and Mastered by Tony Cousins(The Verve, The Stone Roses) at MetropolisStudios U.K, Lacquer cut by Richard Simpson(Beck, Flamin’ Groovies, Lou Reed).After 8 long years The Ganjas returns with a newstudio album, a joint production between JackEndino and the band. Like the 2012 album‘Resistance’, this LP combines sounds and stylesthat have marked the band since its inception;long space rock songs, neo grunge guitars,Manchester-reggae rhythms, and ballads withR&B vocal harmonies.A job that very well summarizes the more than20 years of uninterrupted career. After thecompilation album ́Ghost River ́ (2015) and having finished the European tour in September of thesame year, the drummer changed, the long-lived founder Aldo Benincasa left and Nes entered, whohad already replaced him on a couple of occasions. In March 2017 they embark on a trip to El Médanoa mountain refuge that is on the border between Chile and Argentina, and in there for several daysthey shaped the songs that gave life to this album. Then, in 2018, Jack Endino, an old acquaintance ofthe group, travels from Seattle to Santiago to record 10 songs with different nuances and colors, lyricsin English and Spanish, radio cuts and long durations, rock, groovy and power ballads, at EstudiosLautaro. The album has songs like ‘America’ and ‘Ex-Pilot’ an opening and closing of almost 10minutes in a cadenced and hypnotic groovy march, spatial and psychedelic in the purest style of TheVerve's A Northern Soul album. While ‘Space Trees’ and ‘10.000 Años’ are short, powerful, fast andacid songs with the grunge and alternative rock stamp that sounded in the 90's, nothing to envy toSundial and Swervedriver. There is room for Manchester-reggae moments in ‘New Berlin’, aninstrumental dance song that was born in that city thanks to the collaboration with Andrés Bucci and‘Listen To The Lion’, a trippy and deep Dub-Reggae cut. R&B ballads have always been part of thegroup's work and on this album they stand out with ‘Generation’, the title that gives the album its name, with a sound reminiscent of Keith Richards solo songs and the emotional nirvana-esque ‘Far Along The Way’. The mix was carried out in 2019 between Seattle and Santiago de Chile, duringupheaval and social protests as a result of the October outbreak and was mastered in 2020 at theMetropolis studios in the U.K. by Tony Cousins, an engineer who had already worked with The Verveand The Stone Roses, influences recognized by The Ganjas. Due to the pandemic the release waspostponed to the end of 2022.

For the likes of: Sundial, Keith Richards, The Stone Roses, Swervedriver.


1. America
2. Space Trees
3. New Berlin
4. Generation
5. 10.000 Años
6. Listen To The Lion
7. Far Along The Way
8. Ex-Pilot



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