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Being one of the first bands to form the BYM Records label in mid-2000, their first performances of punk rock filled the Mist Club several times, being a spearhead of the incipient stage for bands like Föllakzoid and La Hell Gang. While their style can be defined more into the alternative rock than other BYM bands, there are shared references that include The Dandy Warhols, The Warlocks and Wooden Shjips, among others. After these 4 albums on the label, the band has been invited to participate in the Liverpool Psych Fest 2015 as part of BYM Records showcase that will take part on the festival, which finally position the band as one of the stalwarts of the label.

With Pantera, Vuelveteloca's fourth album, the band manages to highlight and exploit its best attributes for a strong sound, coherent and yet new. The 9 songs that make the record are able to combine passages of dark and heavy rock, agile rhythms and pop melodies in a space rock roller-coaster, redefining the party-rave vibe of the previous albums. The fuzzy guitars drives the sound better through an acid kaleidoscope, unleashing its full power and fury while leaving room for some vocal and synth arrangements. Influenced by Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Nine Inch Nails, Black Sabbath or 13 from Blur , Vuelveteloca proposes a powerful and round rock, a true reflection of the band's live shows, keeping the suspense and attention to the last song .


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