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Clap Ya Feet / Puerta 7

Clap Ya Feet / Puerta 7

Acid Call

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In the early days of the Chilean psych underground, two art students join forces to create a new musical project called Acid Call.

The band was formed in early 2007 by Ignacio Gatica (a.k.a. Blok ) and Martín Kaulen (who is also former member of WatchOut!, another psychedelic band based in Santiago, Chile).The Duo combines influences like Silver Apples, Suicide, Young Jazz Rebels, Sun Ra, Add N to (X), Wu-Tang Clan and Santana, creating a hypnotic and repetitive sound using mixers, cheap keyboards and bass.

During their brief career, the band did some gigs, generating lots of attention from the small circle of people who used to attend the shows. In this period, the New Chilean Psych Underground was emerging. Acid Call. Cindy Sisters, WatchOut!, La Hell Gang, The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, Holydrug Couple and Follakzoid, were part of a brilliant generation of bands deserving international attention.

And finally, international exposure started. Terminal Boredom and WFMU were the first ones who fell in love with Acid Call. Sadly, their members started to be focused in another projects leaving the band in a period of undefined hibernation. Some recordings in digital format circulate just in circles related to the band members, but finally, a posthumous 7” is here. “Clap ya Feet” and “Puerta 7” are real testimonies of the real potential of this duo and also represent a unique moment in the history of the Chilean underground music.


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