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II Remixes

II Remixes


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Follakzoid’s excellent recent ‘II’ LP on Sacred Bones has catapulted the Chilean quartet to widespread acclaim for their patient krauty dronerock incantations, filling a welcome space between the warm cyclic psych rock of Hookworms and the ritualistic kraut-inspired hypno-rock of Iceland’s Dead Skeletons, and now we have a very limited 12” featuring remixes of two tracks from that album by kindred spirits Psychic Ills and Moon Duo.

On the first side Psychic Ills take on ‘9’, with some tasty backwards guitar touches over its krauty beat and two-note organ drone, while the vocals sit on top, reverb-heavy and solemn, lending the song a bit of a ritualistic feel. Great stuff, very psychedelic. Turn it over and Moon Duo are tackling ‘Trees’, with drawn out bright and loose guitar duetting trading blows with drawled, echoed vocals and a backbone of droning synth and krauty rhythm section crawl us gently to the cosmos. Great stuff on both sides, sure to please fans of all three bands involved.


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