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Milton Friedman / Astral Vomitory Rave

Milton Friedman / Astral Vomitory Rave

A Full Cosmic Sound

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A Full Cosmic Sound. Interesting space-hunch from the Chilean Underground. Formed by members of La Banda's and others, te sound is open form free rock ditherage with certain similarities to the most fully-spronged outriders of the German 1970s scene. But this is a far cry from recent Sky Records recidivism. There's a meat basis to the proceedings and a weird thick pulse that is undeniable. Beyond that, you can almost catch the scent of alien poop on the breeze. Wire 2013

The Mugris is the alter ego of Mauricio Romero (aka Mauricio Chispa), a young musician from Talcahuano, Chile, who decides to create this solo project highly influenced by Spacemen 3 and Spectrum records, plus the sound created by some bands that are part of the Not Not Fun Label. The results consist in a groovy and danceable psychedelia that quickly puts you in a hypnotic estate. In his live shows, you are able to appreciate his work where Romero uses similar methodologies used by Peter Kember when he plays with keyboards, small synthesizers and analog stuff.


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