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Just What Is Real

Just What Is Real

La Hell Gang

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It's always interesting to hear non-Americans take on Americanized tropes of rock'n'roll and see what comes through the cultural sieve. "So Much Better" really has them going ya-ya for the Stones. "Out of My Tomb" has a hypnotizing bass slide with Keef vs. Sonic Boom guitar ramble. "Fire Up" is instrumental guitar blaze that's equal parts MC5 power and Stooges heroin-skulk with a touch of Hendrix. "Just What Is Real" is their version of "The Pusher". Smoky guitar that will make your eyes water. "Left or Right" is the one moment of slight awkwardness in the vocals, the most modern sounding and least impressive cut. "I Think You're Wrong" follows with one-key sonar-beep locking into an acid guitar solo over an Asheton-brothers like rhythm. "Around Here" again approximates Stooges-sexbeat that grooves like nothing has since 1969. It ends with another epic, "It's All In My Soul", a tougher than leather biker jam. All the way from Chile, the best record I've heard approximate the best of Sixties/Seventies rock'n'roll righteousness than any actual North American band by not giving into excess. It sounds so fluid, no posing, no trying too hard to facemelt, but getting there on their own. Fucking righteous. Every piece of feedback belongs, every step on the wah pedal, every primal bone of rhythm. They even make one think of over-amped British blues as played by Yardbirds or Cream. They just destroy the entire Northern Hemisphere of rock.

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