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6 - Limited Cassette Edition

6 - Limited Cassette Edition

Special Cases

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Limited Cassette Edition.

Produced by Special Cases. 

BYM Records release code BYM097

Available on vinyl from July 2024 distributed digitally and physically by Cargo Records UK

released May 1, 2024

Recorded at Estudio Lautaro (Santiago, Chile) on December 15th and 16th 2023 and Mixed on the same location the first days of January 2024.
Sound Engineering by Pablo Giadach
Engineering Assistant Federico Zeppelin.

JP Rodríguez does the vocals and uses a Roland Jazz Chorus for his Fender Thinline, Fender Aerodyne, plus effects Phaser, Tremolo, Blues Driver and Wah
Martín ‘Cucho’ Avendaño plays a Yamaha drum and keeps the poetry alive
Mauricio Telini plays the bass in a Mesa/Boogie Bass 400+ and does the backing vocals in ‘Above The Air’
Chiri Elizalde plays his Fender Jazzmaster in a Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp, and does the backing vocals in ‘Above The Air’.

Imposible (Despertar Remix) by Jurel Sónico from Adelaida.

Mastered by Nes at BYM Records in January 2024 by Nes.

All songs written & composed by Special Cases except ‘Believe’ composed by Jason Spaceman and produced by Special Cases, ‘It’s Friday (Twin Peaks Theme)’ by Angelo Badalamenti and ‘Imposible (Despertar Remix)’ by Special Cases and Adelaida.

Artwork (Acrylic on Canvas) by Diego Hernández
Painting photograpy made by Aldo Benincasa
Design by Rodrigo Valdés
Band Photo (Vinyl) by Jacinta Izquierdo (Fuji Eterna Vivid ecn-2 process).

Dedicated to our families, thanks to BYM Records, Cyllan Wednesday (Weisskalt), Nes, Alvaro Daguer (ETCS Records), Pablo Giadach (Lautaro), Spacemen & Sonic, Caleb Braaten (Sacred Bones), David Lynch, Bob from Revolver Distro, Dave from Magnetic South Australia, Luke from Cargo Records UK.



Inside My Head
Just Fine
Above The Air
It's Friday (Twin Peaks Theme)

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