S/T (BYM046)

Low Oniric Guidance

L.O.G, banda de rock con riffs clásicos y punteos electrizantes, hará llegar al espectador hacia una dimensión psicodelica con rastros de una temporalidad de otros tiempos cintillescos.

Melodic fuzz and throaty howls like Stooges and other 1970s hard rock greats. L.O.G. can evoke such strong influences. Is a decent feat, and there's nothing wrong with using the Stooges or MC5 as launching points. Enjoyable, mostly due to singer/guitarist ability to occasionally hit overdrive. His melodic fuzz and throaty howl catch fire and his clanging solos makes you have a fun and excited time


  • Cassette:

    $5.0 USD

  • 7":

    $15.0 USD


01 Om

02 One To The Universe

03 Whip

04 Take Me Home

05 Burning Through

06 On My Way