Surfin´ Krautlifornia (BYM043)

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane

The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane (TPSJ) is the solo project of Vicente Siechewitz, who started playing music with KB Cabala (La Hell Gang, Chicos de Nazca) on Cindy Sisters (Hozac 2006) at age 16. When splitted, the now baptized Foxtrot Sierra moved from Santiago, Chile to make Berlin his home-base, where he began working very simple on drum-machines and guitar riffs, in the blues key, with a lot of ‘aereal’ effects like flanger and some precise uses of samples and volume control.

Surfin’ Krautlifornia flows in an hypnotic and catching way through the whole record, with a good amount of acid psych but also adding new sounds and atmospheres, experimenting with rhytms on ‘Krautlifornian Jams’ in a very Grateful Dead mood, also maintaining a steady tremolo on ‘Dodge Wheels’ and finding a rare if not a strange feeling on ‘L.A Donuts’ kind of Boards of Canada sidewalk. Even though we can find these very away related artists, Foxtrot Sierra manages to make a coherent record, provocative yet easy listening, perfect for the prescription you find better for yourself.


  • LP 12" :

    $20.0 USD

    $15000 CLP


  1. Local Riders on Your Tail
  2. R3P0M4N
  3. Dodge Wheels
  4. Hooked on Krautlifornia
  5. Gary Busey
  6. Introduction to the Alpha Bravo Charlie Imaginary
  7. Gong in
  8. Krautlifornian Jam
  9. Turquoise Hair
  10. Surf Nazis Theme
  11. L.A. Donuts
  12. Shark Surfin’
  13. Pirates in the Air (2057)
  14. Gong out