Vuelveteloca (BYM001)


Their sound is related to the noise and punk, without-bass songs in their first album with parts that are around two minutes long. The first self-titled LP Vuélveteloca, walks on its 12 songs recovering the fidelity of the 90's euphoria, linked to binge sound of Sonic Youth guitars and catchy beats from Pánico. From the beginning of the record, you can feel the repetitive beats of the drums, continuing with a wall of guitars that make each song a schizophrenic jump along with voices speaking repeatedly about the body and the search for new sensations. The single with the same name of the LP, "Vuelveteloca", climaxes with fast rhythms synthesizing the melodies of the band, confirming the consistency of an incorrigible identity, where each of the members is pervading unison to do something more than one radio hit. No breaks, the LP ends with a song that definitely seems to be the second single from the album, "Elvis" that tell us about an endless party, kitsch lyrics and rhythms hard to forget. The record appears to be a revival of nineties punk , but it definitely has the body to move and dance all night to the rhythm of noise, punk and pop.


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  • Recapacita nena
  • 1993
  • Nunca pares tu mente, cuando yo te digo fuerte, nunca pares tu mente
  • Satán
  • Rocking the Sahara
  • Pistolero
  • Vuelveteloca
  • Muñon
  • No hay control
  • A tomar helado
  • Tu vives consola
  • Elvis