El Gran Espíritu (BYM024)

Nueva Costa

Nueva Costa emerges like one of the most indefinable bands from BYM Records, close to the late German kraut psychedelia of the 70’s (Harmonia), the nebulous but sharp electronic music from the 80’s showed by Gary Numan and the Chilean psych-folk roots founded on Los Jaivas and Inti Illimani. This album talks about the local chilean culture but looked through the glass of the last 40 years in the popular world music.

The Lo-fi aesthetic can be heard from the first seconds of the record, and would go over the rest of the songs. Nueva Costa found a place that is very uncommon between pop or rock musicians on the globalized world, that is, mixing up native music (if there’s such a thing in the western culture) with the mainstream of the past decades. But it is not popular music in the strictly sense of the term, is the reference of each decade (psych of the 70’s, new wave from the 80’s and lo-fi from the 00’s) adding some of their own musical history forged on the third world, with a dictator on the recent past and the far memories from a very hard-to-find land, with delayed news and delayed records coming from the north, thus creating a very unique style willing to be those of the first line artists.


  • Cassette:

    $10.0 USD

    $7000 CLP

  • LP 12":

    $15.0 USD

    $12000 CLP

  • CD:

    $7.0 USD

    $4000 CLP


  • El cerro del sol
  • Amanece
  • Lobos Tranquilos
  • Círculo
  • El Gran Espíritu
  • Ecos del Lircay
  • Luz de Ópalo
  • Las Clarisas
  • Aluvión del 93