Laydown (BYM022)

The Ganjas

After three recordings, The Ganjas (2002), Fuma y Mira (2004) and Laydown (2005), the chilean band is already one of the most recognizable of the last time. You can hear the morning song of a rooster in the countryside of Paine, then a drum roll sounds and a parade of music starts moving with the urgency of a moonwalk. Passes "Alondra" and the group shows how sharpened his sense of melody is, "Dance hall" is part of the group's psychedelic overlooking on Manchester and "Moonlight cat" is another reggae overpost the Ganjas own.

The slow pulse, basic english lyrics sung parsimoniously by guitarist Samuel Maquieira, the volatile intensity of Aldo Benincasa on drums and cymbals, the atmospheric tones managed by Luis Felipe Saavedra from keypads, are all signs of a entrenched group style. Anyhow they sought other routes of flight and found, not only in reggae, rock or psychedelia, but also in shoegaze and in Chile, in the rooster crowing at the beginning of the record and the queltehues screaming near the end. The music of The Ganjas can be used to fly in any direction and at any altitude.



  • Tangible Myth
  • Alondra
  • Cure
  • Dancehall
  • Moonlight Cat
  • Crazy Horse
  • Mind Rain
  • Laydown
  • La Lluvia No Quiere Caer
  • Black Siren
  • Break Up


Grabado en el living de Algo Records y en Paine por Alvaro Gomez y Pablo ¨Panzon¨ Navarrete y Pape en el invierno del 2004. Mezclado por Sam y Pape en el estudio movil en Paine. Masterizado por Joaquin Garcia. Todos los temas compuestos por The Ganjas

Sam: Guitarras , Voz , Piano Pape: Bajo y Voz Aldo: Bateria Luife : Teclados y Melodica Alvarito : Conga y Hi-Hat