Macumba (BYMC005)

Hablan por la Espalda

With seven members and a third album in almost decade and a half of existence, Hablan por la espalda -one of the main acts of the Uruguay's most primal rock and alternative scene, more spread out than in-border- returns to the origins and immersed in eastern rock tradition, consenting in record an entire album in Castilian, almost the last link in the mystical southamerican hardcore punk, but at the same time a powerful stylistic reinvention that does not betray its aesthetic intentions. With a not-casual special guest, Jorge Barral-from the mythical Días de Blues, something like Uruguayan response of Pappo's Blues back in the '70-on "Let's Move" Macumba is a powerful and fascinating record, in which energy and psychedelia finds a new way, adding candombe, blues and African influences, showing that stylistic barriers can be crossed without lowering any flag.

Página 12 Newspaper - Suplemento Radar - 2010


  • Double LP Gatefold Deluxe:

    $30.0 USD

    $20000 CLP


  1. Colgado de Aleta
  2. Santo No
  3. Vamos a Movernos
  4. Calor en el Pecho
  5. El Embrujo
  6. El Ciervo
  7. Al Pantano
  8. Blues de la Soga
  9. Ya Comienza
  10. De Vagancia
  11. Candombe del Temporal
  12. A Luís
  13. Macumba