Third Wave (BYMC031)

The Telescopes

The long awaited reissue featuring new album artwork

'I was amazed that they were still practicing their mysterious art, because i thought they'd given up a long time ago, but on the evidence of this, i'm glad they haven't'.
John Peel - BBC Radio 1

Description (via Double Agent Records, 2002): experimental downbeat electronica & full on headmusic from legendary psych outfit the telescopes. warm textured drones & sparce entranced melodics follow the freedom principles of 60's avant garde jazz thru spaciously organic song structures. from dark introversion & beautifully stark minimalism to blissful chaos & confusion. expect the unexpected.

Genres: alternative, downbeat, drone, electronica, experimental, freedom principle, freeform, head music, jazz and improvised music, noise, psychedelic, shoegaze, space rock

Credits: Produced & engineered by Stephen Lawrie & Angus Wallace. Recorded at Far Heath Studios, The Space Station and Wired studios. Mixed at Far Heath by Angus Wallace. Drawings by George Lawrie. All songs written by Stephen Lawrie. Copyright Control 2001. Thanks to Peter Green.

℗ The Telescopes © Weisskalt Records 2021


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  1. a cabin in the sky 04:44

  2. 3D jesus ashtray 05:08

  3. tesla death ray 05:57

  4. my name is zardak [drop your weaponz] 01:18

  5. a good place to hide 06:43

  6. when nemo sank the nautillus 04:37

  7. winter#2 03:57

  8. moog destroya 04:53

  9. the atoms of the sea 05:25

  10. you and i are the foxboy noises 05:08