No Mind (BYMC032)

Special Cases

Songwriter JP Rodríguez (Föllakzoid bass player) teams up with Chicos de Nazca drummer and pro-skater Cucho Avendaño, and bassist M. Tellini to make a 3-piece band which brings minimalist songs with heavy bass, over-drived psych guitars and galloping rhythms. This is the second album featuring a full band, which explores a melancholic neo-psych in a dismal but catchy vibe.

After the duo completed a couple of gigs in Santiago and Berlin, the band moved on to a full ensemble with second guitar and bass player to make their third record, done on 2019 during the civil unrest in Chile and released under the pandemic. Still using the loyal octopad, the songs showed a more cool vibe and sincere approach to influences like Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3 and Sonic Youth, and the band members grew by adding artists and musicians from other bands (La Rabla, Los Knock Knocks). Special Cases collective gain a lot of energy that couldn’t be showed up due to lockdown and uncertainty and the record eventually got hidden under the radar.

Same pandemic year JP and Cucho began to work in a set of songs that were more simple and honest, moving through neo-psychedelia, post-punk and indie, with the formation reducing to a trio with M. Tellini on bass and Cucho on a full set of drums. Recorded in 6 hours at Estudio Lautaro in Santiago de Chile, mixed and enginnered by Pablo Thiermann from Mr. Ray and mastered at BYM Records by Nes, ‘No Mind’ is the most mature record of the band to date, with a fluid and acid playing on guitars, whirled and distorted ambients which sets a rave laying down on bed, energetic beats that takes you to a rollercoaster, all topped by spiritual vocals with lots of reverb and delay.


  • CD:

    $15.0 USD

    $12000 CLP


  1. Give
  2. Timeless
  3. Torchwheel
  4. Playground for War
  5. Rabbit Hole
  6. Penny
  7. Exit