The Ganjas (BYM012)

The Ganjas

Back in 2002, at the beginning of this journey. Back to the time when an entire litter of Chilean bands came together and made each other stronger. In part, of course, by that union, but above all by a range of tremendous personalities and convictions. A micro-phenomenon, even baptized. A name that makes perfect sense and appears this vinyl, the first record of The Ganjas. There's something funny about the melodies of this quartet: they're completely unmistakable in the musical universe of our country. There may be dozens of other musicians talking about rock and drugs, and others who use the same or similar guitar effects atmospheric approaches. But no one else sounds like them nowadays. They are unique within his generation (in fact, to find something similar it's necessary to travel back decades), and that's one of the reasons why The Ganjas, for many, is a cult band. And that's enough reasons to get addicted. The unprejudiced frankness of Aldo, Pape, Sam and Luife, let them putting marijuana leaves on the cover of their first album, or write a song to his muse (the classic 'Rock of Ganja'). The obvious tribute to Argentinian band "Pescado Rabioso" is 'Pelusón', perhaps the best cut of this work. Also the fact that the length of their songs go from four to fifteen minutes, with mixture of rock with neo-psychedelia, dub and reggae. This is the first chapter in a tremendous discography. The first serious step in the story of an extraordinary group. Seven themes in an hour of hypnotic songs and guitars that know what they do.


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  • Comes From The Sun
  • Rock de la Ganja
  • Let's Go to the Beach
  • This is the Time
  • Darkside
  • Pelusón
  • New Reactor