Special Cases (BYMC029)

Special Cases

Back in 2011, Föllakzoid founder & musician Juan Pablo Rodríguez set off on a journey into inner space. Accompanied by Roland synths and a treated guitar, Rodríguez embarked on a solo expedition to dance among stardust. Bouncing sonic rays off static waves the listener is beamed into new groove dimensions. With the transcendental beat of the asteroid belt firing solar flares towards infinite being, the subconscious melts into modulating mantra, hip to the pulse of a newfound faith. Immersed in the pull of his own traction JPR steers his craft like a one man rave on a lone trip to beyond, returning from his voyage to the here and now with a body of work reaching celestial highs from the coral below. – Stephen Lawrie, The Telescopes

Recording and mixing by JP during 2012-2013 at BYM Records, Mastering: BYM Records, Art design Tomás Olivos

Released originally on cassette by ETCS Records in 2014

© Weisskalt Records 2020



    $20.0 USD

    $15000 CLP


  1. IIIIX
  2. Mind White
  3. IIIX
  4. New Religion
  5. Coral Reef
  6. IIX
  7. IX
  8. Trapped in Space
  9. World Last
  10. XI
  11. Voyage