Interior (BYM063)

Mr. Ray

Debut album from Berlin-based band crafting music with a 60's and 70's aesthetic. Jangly, seemingly simple mid-tempo pop structures, building symphonies with magisterial guitars, four-piece drumkits, and lots and lots of reverb. Tunes that share their sonic roots between the British neo-psychedelic harmonic and thundering guitars and a sweetened, yet acid, folk taste of Paisley Underground-meets-the Laurel Canyon scene.


  • 12" LP:

    $20.0 USD

    $15000 CLP


  1. Silver Dust
  2. Distant Light
  3. Sweet Times
  4. Let It Go
  5. Down By Law
  6. Find It On The Road
  7. You Can Only Be Yourself
  8. Handmade Teleportation